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from batu caves to upm..

Allop..today’s history..yesterday we started the chicken trial at upm..this time only 2 treatments with 6 replicates..so, today is the second day of chick..so cute the chicken..haha..today we stopped at the office first,at bt caves..before we went to upm..it has been raining all day since early in the morning..so day so dizzly..and the history is that the road at sentul is jammed..wah, so many cars..usually it’s only take half and hour to reach upm from bt caves..but today, it’s almost more than 1 hour journey..(very pity to the chiken..-eat & drink very late maa…)..luckily we don’t use the mrr2..if not, we also doesn’t know at what time we will arrive upm.the chicken seems ok, but very lazy maa..always want to sleep..(sampaikan tido dalam bekas makanan die..-teruk tul).. and also we managed to see a bird so sleepy..(tersengguk-sengguk ayam tu..pas2 bangun sebab terkejut..so cute..).however, the process took only 1 hour for us to change the feed and water for the lovely birds..so, all the chicken, please eat and drink nicely.. please grow well also..may you beat the other treatments..ok??
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